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Are you tired of living an expensive life in Toronto? Then purchasing condos for sale in Oakville is one of the best solutions for you. Feeling confused? Don’t worry; there are several reasons why you should consider buying a new home in Oakville.

While living in cities like Toronto may seem upscale and comforting, but when it comes to expenses, you aren’t left with a lot at end of the month. So, here in the blog, we will discuss the reasons why freehold townhomes in Oakville are the best places to live in Canada.

7 Reasons why you should move to Freehold Townhomes in Oakville

Connectivity: Oakville has that beautiful small-town vibe but offers all those amenities that cities have. When it comes to connectivity, the town is located just 30kms away from Toronto, and you can easily reach the city within 30 to 40 minutes of driving or train ride.

Job market: Located in such closer proximity to Toronto, you can come across several job opportunities. As the city is getting filled up, the new business owners and start-ups are moving towards Oakville, which is great news for those who want to own a house in Canada, while working for reputed MNCs.

Prosperous yet affordable: As mentioned above, several job opportunities are slowly expanding in Oakville, which is making the town prosperous. Despite having all the amenities, the town offers a great quality of life and is affordable from every aspect, especially real estate. While the rate of real estate in Toronto is sky high, you can easily buy a home in Oakville that is spacious for families.

Schools: For those young couples, who are looking to expand their family and raise kids, it is an ideal decision for them to consider purchasing a home as soon as they come across condos for sale in Oakville. Towns such as Oakville has been mentioned as the best places to live in Canada several times, as it has a safe environment and fulfills all the parameter of being an ideal location.

Closer to nature: For the admirers of nature, and adventure enthusiasts, Oakville is one perfect place to turn your wishes into reality. With the ideal location of Oakville, you can have working weekdays that pay you well, and on weekends you can have a great experience with nature as there are several parks located in the town.

It has the best weather: The weather of the town is quite appreciable, as Oakville is known for having one of the best weather in Canada. The town witnesses mild temperature during summers and doesn’t have harsh winters, it is perfect for raising a family in Oakville.


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