Condo Living In Oshawa

Total Towns

Total Towns

No of units: TBA
Storeys: TBA
Completion: TBA
11 months ago

Total Towns Details Project Name Total Towns Type Townhouse Address Harmony Road North & Missom Gate, Oshawa, ON Developer Sundance Homes Prices From the low $500,000’s CAD   Total Towns is a new townhouse project […]

Eastmore Village Towns
No of units: 85
Storeys: TBA
Completion: 2021
11 months ago

Eastmore Village Towns Details Project Name Eastmore Village Towns Type Townhouse Address 2585 Bridle Road South, Oshawa ON L1H 7K4 Developer Delpark Homes Prices From the low $500,000’s CAD Number of Storeys 2 Total Number […]

UC Tower

Coming Soon

UC Tower

No of units: 479
Storeys: 25
Completion: 2022

UC Tower Condos Details Project Name UC Tower Condos Type Condo Address Simcoe Street North, Oshawa, ON Developer Tribute Communities Prices From $189,990 Only Number of Storeys 25 Total Number of Suites 479 Est. Occupancy […]

Condos Value & Trends (Price Per Square Approx.)

Price/sqft $1,000-$1,400 per sqft
Studio Price/sqft $400K – $500K
1-Bedroom Price $600K – $750K
1-Bedroom + Den Price $650K – $825K
2-Bedroom Price $850K – $950K
3-Bedroom Price $900K – $1.5 Million
Studio Rent $1,900-$2,100/month
1-Bedroom Rent $2,100-$2,400/month
1-Bedroom + Den Rent $2,400-$2,850/month
2-Bedroom Rent $2,900-$3,500/month
3-Bedroom Rent $3,500-$4,500/month

Why Should You Invest In Oshawa Real Estate?

Real estate prices in Oshawa are steadily going upwards, and the market is experiencing a boost in sales. It is expected to see continued growth in real estate in the coming months. Oshawa is a prime city to live in with many attractions, facilities, and closeness to the city of Toronto. It is the principal metropolis in the Durham Region and is home to many top schools, colleges, and universities. The countless facilities of Oshawa and loads of natural beauty are the contributing factors in making it a desirable city to live in. Probable home buyers are finding a variety of affordable housing in Oshawa, whether they are condominiums, townhomes, semi-detached or detached homes.

The average price of homes in Oshawa was at $511,308 as of December 2018, with a yearly increment of 6.4%. Increased housing demand in Oshawa is attracting more builders to the city. New condo developments, the inception of a new casino, excellent transport system, and the presence of various universities and colleges are the major factors that make Oshawa one of the most striking cities to invest in.

Oshawa is an acceptable choice for first-time homebuyers and frequent homebuyers, the trend that continuing with more real estate and city developments taking place in the future. With real estate prices mounting in the area, it is the right time for buying a property in this developed city.

Having a population of 159,458 as of 2016, Oshawa is considered as the eastern anchor of the Toronto Area and the Golden Horseshoe. The city has an industrial history and is home to many big companies and businesses. Oshawa’s downtown core has the strength of more than 5,000 people working there and more than 2,400 university students. It is also a focal point for entertainment and sporting events and has many eateries. Oshawa has several golf courses and green spaces. Lakeside parks along Oshawa Creek are perfect places to chill. The city has supermarkets, shopping malls, stores, leisure centers, movie theatres, and every facility for a modern lifestyle.

Oshawa Real Estate Market Trends

There is an upward shift in the real estate market in Oshawa, with sales of homes rising. Oshawa has many benefits, such as a growing education sector, modern amenities, excellent transport system, and plenty of greenspaces. Its closeness to Toronto is another major provider to rising real estate prices and sales.

More and more potential homebuyers are finding it difficult to pay for a condo in Toronto and are looking at amenity-laden cities such as Oshawa for purchasing a home. Over the last five years, the Oshawa market is attracting a good number of homebuyers who are looking to move to Oshawa.  It is offering its residents all amenities, closeness to vast green spaces and the waterfront, top-gradee educational centers and convenient transportation, Oshawa is one of the finest cities to live, work and play.

Oshawa Transit Options

A variety of commutation options make commutation most convenient for the people of Oshawa. GO transport offers connectivity between Toronto and Oshawa. Oshawa train and bus station sited at Bloor St W offers VIA rail and LE services, and bus service. GO Transit buses run beside Highway 401 and Hwy 2, connecting the areas of Toronto and York. An addition of GO train service from Oshawa to Bowmanville is intended, which includes extending the train network approximately 20 km and building four new stations by the year 2023-24.

Highway 401 runs through the city, and Hwy 407 and Hwy 412 offer rapid commutation in any direction. Major streets such as Dundas St E and King St E allow quick traveling to neighboring areas. An extension to Hwy 407 will push it further east by 2020, with a second link to Highway 401, known as Highway 418.

New development projects in the close-by area are Scarborough Condos, Pickering Condos, and Ajax Condos.