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People usually have this question, why do some townhomes have monthly fees, while others don’t? What even is a condo townhouse? These are common questions raised by those just starting their search. A lot of confusion stems from the fact many assume condominium equates to apartments, while in fact it refers to a type of ownership rather than a style of the house, and isn’t exclusive to apartments.

Here’s what to look out for when deciding to buy a Freehold Townhomes Oakville.

Ownership and Fees

New homes in Oakville mainly come in two forms: freehold and condominium. In a freehold, you outright own the house, the plot on which the house is built upon as well as any front and backyard space that falls within the property line. A far more hands-on form of ownership, residents of freehold townhouses are responsible for managing the maintenance and upkeep, from costly roof repairs to shoveling the driveway. Moreover, freehold townhomes don’t have monthly maintenance fees, which is a big plus point for many buyers. Also, as freehold ownership encompasses land, these townhomes boast higher price tags.

Size and upgrades

When it comes to square footage and lot sizes, Freehold Townhomes Oakville is comparatively larger. Usually no smaller than three bedrooms, the homeowners have the control over their property, as residents have free reign over the look and feel of their home whether that means painting the front door an eccentric color or changing some exteriors, like deciding to construct a front deck. Moreover, while building, renovating, or adding a few elements can prove difficult in a freehold townhouse due to attached neighbors, you can still undergo some updates like adding a sunroom or knocking down interior walls.

Final Word:

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