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Being an interested home buyer, you may receive several offers from different real estate agents associated with new townhomes in Oshawa. But, finding the most rock-solid offer often gets confusing. So, how do we find the most genuine offer?

Before you proceed on with deciding on purchasing condos for sale in Oshawa, you should consider some other offers as well. So, here in this blog, we will discuss the important components you should look for in an offer.

Condos for sale in Oshawa: 5 components of a good offer!

Sale price: Sales price is your major concern, as you have a set budget in your mind which is laid on the foundation of your income level. When you get an offer for buying a freehold townhome in Oshawa, you should always look for the sale price mentioned by the agents. Sometimes, for attracting customers, a minimum amount is mentioned on the offer. Therefore, before proceeding, read all the details and ask for the final amount that will incur, so you can plan your finances accordingly.

Earnest money deposit: Different developers ask for different earnest money deposit. The earnest deposit is like a booking amount, which gets settled in your down payment money. Typically earnest money deposit is kept at 1 to 3% of the value of the property, which can be kept by the developer in case you refuse the purchase. So, whenever you come across an offer for buying new homes, always look for the earnest money deposit amount asked, in the initial stage.

Property Details: An offer without the property details has no point. But details can vary and there may be some un-disclosed information. So, after you get an offer, look for the details of the property like its exact location, distance from different locations, the direction of the house, carpet area, number of floors, the material used, amenities offered, and if the property is pre-constructed or pre-owned. All these details are important for you, as it affects your buying decision.

Financial details: In this section, you need to look for the options offered by the real estate agents in context with finances. If the developer is offering a payment option in cash or you need to go for a mortgage. As per your convenience, you can make the payment; usually, cash payment involves lesser formalities and paperwork. But if you apply for mortgages then there’s a percentage amount that needs to be paid by you, and the rest is paid by the bank. So, you should consider these aspects in an offer as well.

Move-in date: If the offer made to you is still under construction, then you will also receive a move-in date along with the offer. On the mentioned date, your house will be complete so you will have the opportunity of moving in the house along with all your belongings.


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